Video Marketing News|Video Marketing Academy

Video Marketing News|Video Marketing Academy

This site has some excellent points about how video creates trust.

It really does.videomarketingnewswhitemed26 Video Marketing News|Video Marketing Academy

In most cases if you do a good ‘about us’ video or equivalent any prospects will feel as they already know you.

This is extremely powerful… you have just used the ‘know, like and trust’ factor to your advantage… which is a step most marketing misses out.

In the main this is skipped because people are too eager to start selling too early in the sales *process* and the efforts are therefore too readily dismissed as hype.

By putting a getting to know you video early in the sales process.. you can start selling earlier because you have already encouraged people to know like and trust you.

Just one word of warning.

Video production… even excellent video production is not video marketing.

Video marketing is about getting your video(s) seen by as much of your potential prospects as possible. Most video producers have no clue how to do this… but the problem is they still call themselves ‘video marketers’

You have been warned.

Video Marketing Done For You
Andy Frain
(author unknown) wrote:

Video Marketing Academy | Facebook. Video Marketing Academy. Video is the best way to build connection & trust online, imagine how great it would be if

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